GakuNin RDM

GakuNin RDM

GakuNin RDM is a research data management platform provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). It has functions such as version control and access control of files to manage research data. You can share your research data with collaborators through GakuNin RDM.

Usage Guide

Members of Kyushu University can use GakuNin RDM. Please access GakuNin RDM (, select “Kyushu University” as your institution, and “Login” with your SSO-KID.

The Division of Research Data Service is preparing user manuals tailored to different usage scenarios. Please also refer to the user manual on the GakuNin RDM Support Portal ( for details on how to use the system.

Data analysis function

Kyushu University is participating in the demonstration experiment of the GakuNin RDM data analysis function by NII, and you can develop and run Python and R programs using the trial version. Please follow the user manual to activate the data analysis function and create your analysis environment. It also works with GakuNin RDM storage. Please observe the following rules when using this service.
Data Analysis Function matters to be observed” (Japanese version only)


FAQs will be updated as necessary.

Is it possible to share research data with collaborators outside the university using GakuNin RDM?

If the collaborators belong to the institutions where GakuNin RDM is provided, you can share research data by adding collaborators as contributors of your project. You can find the list of GakuNin RDM participating institutions here.

Where to contact for requests on additional features or improvements to GakuNin RDM?

Please let us know from the Contact Us page. We will report and discuss with GakuNin RDM representative.