Workshops & Learning Materials

Workshops & Learning Materials

We offer workshops and learning materials on research data management for researchers and personnel involved in supporting researchers. Please contact us for more information.


2023/06/19Symposium “Significance of Research Data Management in Universities and Human Resources Development”Video
Presentation materials

Learning materials

Getting Started: Research Data Management

Created by Division of Research Data Service. This material is intended for graduate students and researchers who want to learn about basics of research data management, as well as for staff who support research data management. [Published 2023-08-31] (Japanese version only)

First Time Research Data Management: From Everyday Life in the Lab

Created by Kyushu University Library. It explains why proper research data management is necessary and what is expected to researchers, with examples and tips in a laboratory setting. [Published 2024-01-25]

YouTube : First Time Research Data Management: From Everyday Life in the Lab


You can also download these files from the links below;

・Japanese version
・English version

Learning materials created by JPCOAR (Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository)

Design and practice of research data management services, 2nd ed. (Japanese version only)

Created by the JPCOAR Research Data Working Group. It aims to equip university librarians, URAs, technical staff, and other research support personnel with methods for designing and implementing research data management services along with the research process of the researchers. [Published 2021-02-10]

Research Data Management for Researchers (Japanese version only)

Created by the JPCOAR Research Data Working Group. This is a collection of learning materials prepared for researchers affiliated with universities and research institutions. It is divided into 12 thematic sections for different research data management scenarios, and is intended for 1) researchers themselves to gain the necessary knowledge, and 2) research supporters to provide research data management services by processing the learning materials in a form that meets the research environment and needs of their respective institutions. [Published 2020-10-30]

RDM Training Tool (Japanese version only)

Created by the JPCOAR Research Data Task Force. It is designed primarily for research support personnel (librarians, information technology staff, URAs, etc.) at universities and research institutions to 1) provide each learner with basic knowledge about research data management and 2) provide each learner with a foothold for building research data management services at his or her institution. [Published 2017-06-06]